You may call it Drupal 8 ready feature. Noodle sub-themes are not using menu variable in page at all. Instead just enable a block for say 'main menu' and place it in 'header navigation' region.

We also recommend using Menu Block module ( to fine-tune your menu display settings. For drop down menus we highly recommend Superfish module (, but not Nice Menus.

Blocks are the boxes of content (for example, 'Recent comments', 'Latest news', Search form, etc) that can be displayed on the page in different regions (header, footer, sidebar, etc) according to your settings. You can see the examples on the page of our free Theme here:

For premium Drupal themes you download for free through noodorg we provide support only via issue tracker. Please note that free theme is not a Drupal profile or distribution, and with a free theme we provide neither content used in theme demo, nor full site setup.

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