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This autumn we’ve been busy with a couple of our ongoing Drupal projects, and now are ready to share with you the results of our work.

One of these projects, already known to some of you, is, the first and the largest Drupal showcase featuring Drupal-based site of all shapes and sizes, from blogs to portals, from portfolios to online stores.

Full Drupal Site for Biolife Theme

The full site setup for our free Biolife Drupal 7 theme is available now at github. This profile includes the full drupal setup and sample content as seen in the Biolife theme preview.

Drupal Cookies

From Amsterdam Frontend United 2012 we returned with knowledge and inspiration to create flexible Drupal 7 themes and also Druplicon cookie cutter from the main sponsor Nodeone.

Drupal Infographics by Acquia

How many infographics have you seen today? Or even, how many infographics have you done today?

With to create your own data visualizations without any knowledge of graphic software and Pinterest to share such creations with the world, infographics are all the rage.

Frontend United 2012 in Amsterdam

Drupal professionals and aficionados gathered in Amsterdam on 20-22 Apr, 2012 to discuss Drupal design, user interface experience and Drupal theme layer. The venue for this Drupal camp was Pakhuis de Zwijger, the former warehouse in the revived Eastern Docklands area. The camp was attended by over 200 Drupalistas from all over Europe.


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